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Intermediate course

…takes professionals experienced in online researching to a new level of confidence and efficiency. It covers key techniques for:

  • using search tools more effectively and appropriately;
  • mastering search engine ‘advanced operators’;
  • mastering techniques for mining relevant information social networking sites such as Twitter;
  • finding people and finding out about them;
  • combining search techniques;
  • accessing the invisible web;
  • accessing past internet content
  • monitoring future web content and breaking news; and,
  • efficient and safe ways for sorting and storing research.

Advanced course

…covers everything in the intermediate course and includes:

  • more detail on combining search strategies;
  • strategies to access the invisible web quickly and effectively;
  • investigative techniques such as searching for and using site directories;
  • using web monitoring applications; and,
  • and other vital internet tools.


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