Inspiring intensive internet research training

Over the past 5 years I have worked with a range of clients to deliver short, inspiring courses for their staff. The courses take people to the next level of internet research, giving participants the confidence to go further, faster.

I’m Colin Meek. Over the past 5 years I’ve trained more than 600 professionals in scheduled and in-house courses throughout the UK and in Norway. Just as importantly, I am also an active researcher and research consultant specialising in complex and long-term projects focused on consumer and patient protection. My clients have included Renewable Energy Assurance Listed (REAL), Which?, BMJ Knowledge, the General Medical Council, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain, The Times, Intertek Research and Testing and many others. My work has ranged from writing websites, interpreting clinical research for patient information, in-depth projects and technical reports on issues such as RFID technology. I have crafted my training courses in the frontline of research as a consultant and journalist.

I collaborate with, the UK’s leading online resource for journalists, to run a series of open scheduled courses in Advanced Internet Research in Central London. I am also Consulting Editor at here to visit

I have organised in-house courses for many clients including:

  • Channel 4
  • GMC
  • Cornwall Energy
  • Grant Thornton
  • Oxford Analytica
  • Which?
  • National Union of Journalists
  • VG (Norway)
When I’m not working I go climbing and running. I live in the far North West of Scotland near Ullapool.


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