Delivering inspiring short training courses in advanced internet research for policy analysts, journalists, researchers and campaign staff. Getting to the crux of an issue, finding the clinching facts and identifying key players. Get your tactics right to go further online, faster.

  • Pinpoint Twitter posts in time and space.
  • Master search engine ‘advanced operators’ to identify nuggets of information in seconds.
  • Learn about the ‘hidden web’ and how you can identify and access key databases more quickly.
  • Mine relevant information from social networks.
  • Confidently monitor changing web content and breaking news.
  • Push the boundaries with investigative techniques and tactics.

Take your research to the next level.

Upcoming Open Courses

Advanced Internet Research
In Partnership with
Oct 17, 2013 in London

Advanced Internet Research
In Partnership with NUJ Scotland
Nov 5, 2013 in Glasgow

Upcoming In-House Courses

Oct 19, 2013
Advanced Online Research, Brighton

Oct 21, 2013
Advanced Online Research
Reuters, London




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